Step-back approach

Step-back Whole School Mark

The Step-back Whole School Mark has been established to recognise a school’s commitment to supporting a ‘whole school approach’ to enabling independent learners. The Mark recognises the work of the school to adopt Step-back and person-centred approaches across the whole setting.

The Step-back Whole School Mark has five standards:

  1. The ethos of Step-back is promoted by the Senior Leadership Team and Governing Body
  2. Learners are introduced to and understand the concept of Step-back
    The use of  learner’s voice resources are an integral part of the school’s person centred planning
  3. Teaching staff and support staff adopt Step-back approaches with learners
  4. Parents/carers of learners are supported to understand the concept of Step-back
  5. Support local schools and settings with their adoption of the Step-Back approach

How to apply

  1. Download the Step-back Standards Action Plan and Application Form (these will be replaced shortly)
  2. The school is expected to complete the Step-back School Standards: Action Plan and collect all the relevant documentation required for each standard
  3. When the school are ready submit:
  • The completed application form
  • The completed Step-back Standards: Action Plan and the relevant evidence and documentation to support the application
  • Send to the Step-back Co-ordinator: Gwyn McCormack: Email:
  1. An invoice will be submitted by Positive Eye Ltd to the school for payment. Cost: £50 per school
  2. Following review of the evidence by Positive Eye, the school will either: a.) be notified that they have successfully met the standards or, b.) be notified of any further evidence/work required to meet the standards
  3. On successful completion of all five standards Positive Eye Ltd will send the school a certificate and Step-back Whole School Mark logo
  4. The Mark is valid for two years and after this time evidence that the Standards have been maintained would need to be submitted to renew the Mark