Step-back Learner’s Voice Resource

Using the Easy-Easier Posting Box™

The ‘Easy-Easier Posting Box™’ has been developed to offer a simple and practical way to listen to and respond to the voice of the learner. (The learner needs to understand the concept of ‘easy-easier’ to use this resource).


The purpose of the resource is to support the learner to:

  • consider the curriculum activities they find ‘easy’ and those they would like to find ‘easier’
  • have an opportunity to convey their thoughts and opinions about their support (What do I find easy, what would I like to find easier?)
  • participate in planning actions
  • be included in setting targets
  • review and measure their own progress
  • recognise and celebrate their own success, indirectly supporting positive self esteem and emotional well being
  • develop their own set of problem solving and independent access skills

Using the Easy-Easier Posting Box™ to gain the learner’s voice

The ‘Easy-Easier’ statements, and the Posting Box activity as a whole, are designed to enable the learner’s voice to be heard, and to facilitate a conversation with the learner.


One of the important principles of the approach is the practitioner’s ability to ‘listen’ without influencing or directing the learner during the activity; to largely stay quiet and allow the learner to lead the activity is crucial to the success of this intervention.



Action plans and scaffolding support

Following the Easy-Easier activity, the learner participates in planning their actions, thinking about ‘HOW, WHAT, WHO’ can help them. Specially designed scaffolding plans are designed by the practitioner in liaison with ALL key practitioners and the learner.

To access the Easy-Easier Posting Box

This is included within the download course pack received as part of the Step-back practitioner’s course resources.


However, if you are a parent or professional working with children with additional learning needs or special educational needs and you are interested in this resource, it is available for purchase on the Positive Eye website.

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