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The Step-back Practitioners Course

For Additional Learning Needs Coordinator (ALNCOs)/Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants


There is an ultimate aim for both learners with ALN and the practitioners who support them. That is for the learner to become as independent as possible. High expectations of support over prolonged periods can have a negative impact. Both on the level of independence and achievement.

The Step-back Practitioner’s course is aimed at any school based practitioner. It is designed to help them understand their role in supporting learners to become as independent as possible. The course is open to any educational practitioner that supports learners with (ALN) up to the age of 25. Practitioners will receive a Certificate of Recognition from Positive Eye on successful completion of the course

Support Role

To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of ‘support’ and of the ‘support role’

Step-in Step-back

To identify how and when to Step-in and how and when to Step-back

Core Values

To embed the 10 Step-back Statements. These underpin this course as core values within the practitioners day to day practice

There are 10 Step-back statements. These shape the guiding principles of the Step-back Practitioner’s course and approach.

Practitioners attend a two day face to face course. They complete a series of activities and exercises linked to each of the statements. After the course they then complete a Learner’s Voice Case Study. This is normally with a learner they currently support.

Step-back Practitioner’s Course

The course is internally assessed by Positive Eye Ltd. On successful completion of the course the Step-back Practitioner  will be entitled to promote and carry out Step-in, Step-back techniques, allowing them to work with learners across their setting.

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